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DIN 373 m

Counterbores  DIN 373 m

with guide and straight shank


Symbold(z9) mmd1(e8) mmd2(h9) mmL mml mml1 mml2 mmArticle number
M3 m63.45.0713.41431.5865 M3 m
M4 m84.55.0714.51431.5865 M4 m
M5 m105.58.0805.51835.5865 M5 m
M6 m116.68.0806.61835.5865 M6 m
M8 m159.012.51009.02240.0865 M8 m
M10 m1811.012.510011.02240.0865 M10 m
M12 m2014.012.510014.02240.0865 M12 m