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Form C

UNC   ISO529   HSS


Hand Taps for Unified Coarse Thread ANSI B1.1.

Grade of fit - 2B. Grinded thread profile.

Form C: 2 - 3 Threads Leads.




SymbolNo of Threads 1"L, mml1, mml2, mmd1, mma, mmzArticle number
UNC Nr.440481173.152.533113 UNC Nr.4x40
UNC Nr.540481173.152.533113 UNC Nr.5x40
UNC Nr.632501373.552.833113 UNC Nr.6x32
UNC Nr.832531384.53.5533113 UNC Nr.8x32
UNC Nr.1024581685.04.033113 UNC Nr.10x24
UNC Nr.1224621795.64.533113 UNC Nr.12x24
UNC1/4206619116.35.033113 UNC 1/4x20
UNC5/161872 22138.06.343113 UNC 5/16x18
UNC3/81680241510.08.043113 UNC 3/8x16
UNC7/16148525-8.06.343113 UNC 7/16x14
UNC1/2138929-9.07.143113 UNC 1/2x13
UNC9/16129530-11.29.043113 UNC 9/16x12
UNC5/81110232-12.510.043113 UNC 5/8x11
UNC3/41011237-14.011.243113 UNC 3/4x10
UNC7/8911838-16.012.543113 UNC 7/8x9
UNC1813045-18.014.043113 UNC 1x8
UNC1.1/8713848-20.016.043113 UNC 1.1/8x7
UNC1.1/4715151-22.418.043113 UNC 1.1/4x7
UNC1.3/8616257-25.020.043113 UNC 1.3/8x6
UNC1.1/2617060-28.022.443113 UNC 1.1/2x6
UNC1.3/4518767-31.525.063113 UNC 1.3/4x5
UNC24.1/220070-35.528.063113 UNC 2x4.1/2