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Form B-AZ

M   ISO529   HSS


Spiral Point Machine Taps with Interrupted Teeth Type AZ for ISO Metric Coarse Thread DIN13.

Grade of fit ISO2 (6H). Grinded thread profile.

Form B: 4 - 5 threads leads.




Symbolp, mmL, mml1, mml2, mmd1, mma, mmzArticle number
M30.5481173.152.533408 M3
M40.7531384.03.1533408 M4
M50.8581695.04.033408 M5
M61.06619116.35.033408 M6
M81.257222138.06.333408 M8
M101.580241510.08.033408 M10
M121.758929-9.07.133408 M12
M142.09530-11.29.033408 M14
M162.010232-12.510.033408 M16
M182.511237-14.011.233408 M18
M202.511237-14.011.233408 M20
M222.511838-16.012.533408 M22