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UNF   ≈DIN374   HSSE

Spiral Fluted Machine Taps with Passing Shank for Unified Fine Thread ANSI B1.1.

35° Right-hand Helix.

Grade of fit 2B.  Grinded thread profile.

Form C: 2 - 3 threads leads.



SymbolNo of Threads 1"L, mml, mmd1, mma, mmzArticle number
UNF7/1620100138.06.232516 UNF 7/16x20
UNF9/16181001511.09.032516 UNF 9/16X18
UNF5/8181001512.09.032516 UNF 5/8x18
UNF3/4161101714.011.042516 UNF 3/4x16
UNF7/8141401718.014.542516 UNF 7/8x14
UNF1141502020.016.042516 UNF 1x14
UNF1121502020.016.042516 UNF 1x12
UNF1/220100139.07.032516 UNF 1/2x20