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UNF   ≈DIN371   HSSE

Spiral Fluted Machine Taps with Reinforsed Shank for Unified Fine Thread ANSI B1.1.

35° Right-hand Helix.

Grade of fit 2B.  Grinded thread profile.

Form C: 2 - 3 threads leads.



SymbolNo of Threads 1"L, mml1, mml2, mmd1, mma, mmzArticle number
UNF Nr.448565.5183.52.732816 UNF Nr.4x48
UNF Nr.544566.0183.52.732816 UNF Nr.5x44
UNF Nr.640567.0204.03.032816 UNF Nr.6x40
UNF Nr.1032708.0256.04.932816 UNF Nr.10x32
UNF Nr.1228709.0256.04.932816 UNF Nr.12x28
UNF1/4288010.0307.05.532816 UNF 1/4X28
UNF5/16249010.0358.06.232816 UNF 5/16x24
UNF3/82410010.0359.07.032816 UNF 3/8x24
UNF Nr.836637.5214.53.432816 UNF Nr.8x36